Kara The Huntress

January 9th, 2023

We had the honor of interviewing Kara late last year.  Within minutes you realize Kara is an amazing woman, mother and huntress who exemplifies the four foundations of FIERCE: work-ethic, courage resilience and empathy.  Specifically, she has limitless energy for her unending work, resilience and courage in the face of real-life terror and empathy for the victims she gives voice too. 

Kara is the Chief of Analytics at the DeliverFund. The DeliverFund is a non-profit that hunts human traffickers domestically and internationally by providing actionable intelligence to law enforcement in the U.S. In her role at Deliver Fund, Kara guides the organization’s strategic analysis development providing analysts and law enforcement with the most up-to-date practices, methodologies, and tools in the fight against human trafficking.  Her work is directly aimed at protecting the over 60,000 people trafficked into the US each year specifically, women who represent 96% of those trafficked and children.  A child is trafficked every 2.5 hours per the DeliverFund’s public statistics. 

Kara started as an intelligence analyst with the Air Force where she deployed supporting counter-terrorism operations tracking and locating terrorists using state-of-the-art military technology. After leaving the Air Force, Kara worked at the NSA and then at the FBI in the Terrorist Screening Operations Unit as a Senior Intelligence Analyst assisting the FBI in identifying and monitoring persons on the terrorist watch list.

It can’t be overstated how important Kara’s background is to her tremendous results and efficacy.  She and her teams are up against very sophisticated traffickers who have no moral code and are as evil as any living thing on the planet.  We suggest watching the very short videos on the DeliverFund’s website that explain the end-to-end trafficking world which includes grooming during online video games, purposely getting victims addicted to heroin and kidnapping women’s children to have complete control over them.  Thank goodness for people like Kara.

Kara has led the cross-functional efforts required to take numerous traffickers off the streets.  Her work provides direct analytical support to local, state, and federal law enforcement. Whether from her office at DeliverFund or in the back of an undercover vehicle, Kara provides real-time information about the location of traffickers and their victims, using P.A.T.H.™ (Platform for the Analysis and Targeting of Human Traffickers) software developed by DeliverFund, in-depth social media analysis, and other cutting-edge technology.

Kara is a Superhero who left us with optimism that human trafficking can be stopped and with continued enhancements in technology and investments from citizens, corporations and government we can save innocent lives.  Her suggestion to help immediately is to donate via the link below so the experts at DeliverFund can continue their important work.