Melissa Romo

May 9th, 2023

“Empathetic women will lead the organizations of the future

We met Melissa in a non-traditional way…after a LinkedIn search on the word empathy, she found Abigail and by extension FIERCE. Melissa is the author of the recently released book, “Your Resource is Human: How empathetic leadership can help remote teams rise above.” The following post is directly from Melissa for you our FIERCE network. I hope you’ll join us in reading her book and evangelizing empathy in the workplace – the core foundation of FIERCE.

I wrote “Your Resource Is Human: How empathetic leadership can help remote teams rise above” because I saw the power of emotions, mindset and human connection in making it possible for a team to feel tight-knit, even if the members of the team were scattered around the world. I’ve led remote, hybrid and distributed teams for more than a decade for multinational companies, before, during and after the pandemic. I’ve learned that empathy is the glue that ties teams together when we aren’t in the same physical space, because empathy is about putting ourselves in the shoes of another person, no matter where its members work. And there’s a deeper purpose to building leadership skills for remote teams, something that women are uniquely placed to champion. The purpose is to enable work choices for everyone, for everyone whose life responsibilities, abilities, or location might otherwise limit them. It’s time to empower remote, hybrid and distributed teams with the right kind of leadership. Women will be the leaders of the distributed teams of the future because they innately aspire to be empathetic and to connect on a human level. I’m pleased to share this mission with members of the FIERCE community. You are my classmates in the school of life and leadership!

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