Permission to Roar

April 13th, 2022

In my experience with mentoring women, so many women are afraid to be assertive because of fear of being branded the dreaded “B” word. They tend to be afraid to speak up when they see something that can be / should be improved, reluctant to offer up ideas in meetings, avoid applying for promotions and roles they are not 100% overqualified for, apologize for all the things that is not their fault, use less of their vacation, work while on vacation and generally spend large chunks of their work lives shrinking to make others feel more than. 

So what is a roar and how do you find it? A roar is your authentic and valuable voice. And I give you full authorization to use it. It’s based on experience, wisdom, creativity and sometimes even your gut instincts. Why do you need it? You should always be your own best promoter of ideas, champion and advocate. But also, statistics show companies that had higher female members in the top management sector saw higher returns and diverse management boosts revenue by 19%. Your roar is inspiring to others and is necessary and needed in your workplace.

Let your hustle whisper and your success ROAR!!

  • RMC