Prepare, Smash and Tell

October 9th, 2022

Here we are in Q4 of 2022.  Another year has flown by.  Are you where you want to be?  Yes! Awesome and congratulations queen!  No, then this blog is for you.

I recently participated in a panel focused on how to move into sales leadership roles.  I put together the P.S.T framework as a tool to remember my advice. I also created it to focus on what really matters as we take control of our destiny and put ourselves in a position to be promoted vs trying to control others which we know is impossible. 

Although I was speaking about sales, the framework works in any function, industry and level.  The only commonality required is that you are looking to ADVANCE yourself and your career.

P stands for Prepare.  Update your resume, LinkedIn, and references.  I am not a resume expert but there are a ton of examples and even more people who will help you update/improve your CV and profile on-line.  Don’t spend six months on this….more like six hours.  Don’t struggle, ask for help. 

My current resume format came from my husband.  He is a Senior executive at a Fortune 500 and sees all types of resumes from Harvard grads and C-level executives.  He gave me great coaching even though we are in different industries and functions.

S stands for Smash.  Smash the rearview mirror.  Here are my thoughts on how to smash the rearview mirror

The best examples of smashing that I can give are when I am stepped over for leadership roles.  It has happened to me twice in the last three years.  Everyone saw it.  They all told me it was BS.  I let it go and landed my current CRO role despite those experiences.

T stands for Tell.  This is the most important letter for promotions.  You must tell at least ten people what promotion or role you want.  You have to tell your peers, your boss, and your boss’ boss, AT A MINIMUM.  No-one is going to assume you want to be promoted.  You have to say it out loud.  Make a list and knock each person down….not over text.  On a call, on a zoom or F2F.

When I confronted a Chief Customer Officer for why he didn’t even consider me for an Americas wide President role he said “you never told me you wanted it.”  He was right.  I had not told him. aiI thought he knew.  My mistake – don’t repeat my mistake.

Did P.S.T. work for you?  Please share your feedback and experience and of course, what has worked for you in the past.