Quiet Quitting – FIERCE Yes/No?

September 2nd, 2022

First of all, what TF is quiet quitting?  According to multiple sources, quiet quitting is all of the following; setting boundaries, reducing “extra” effort beyond your specific role or hours of work, a response to “hustle culture” and overall a reaction to burn-out.

We see the utility for such a mode of operation.  We see it everyday and we say ok, but for how long?  How long should one exist in this mode?  We suggest not very long.  It is not FIERCE to spend precious time in your life and career focused on what you’re NOT going to do.  We need to focus on all the amazing things we are going to do and we’d like to think some amazing things can happen in your career.

When we have found ourselves quiet quitting (over the last twenty years this has happened often) it was a wake-up call to take control of our careers and make change.  That change can be, throat punching your boss to see the evil of their ways, changing roles/teams, changing companies, industries, founding organizations to share our learnings and many other things.  For me personally, while the throat punching was satisfying in the moment it didn’t change the environment.  I have always had to leave the company to re-engage myself in my career.

We want you to know that quiet quitting is rational and FIERCE AF.  If it serves you, great.  We also want you to know that with our experience in mind, life is super short.  You are living in your good ‘ole days.  Do not spend too much time limiting yourself.  If you do, you can’t blame your boss or company.  That decision is on you.

Now, if you are a boss and you are trying to understand how to ensure your team isn’t quietly quitting…do better.  We know when our teams are engaged, motivated and satisfied with their work.  Don’t pretend like this is all a big surprise.  We have all quiet quit.  Use your empathy (FIERCE foundation) to put yourself in a position to serve your employees.  You work for them, period.

FIERCE women are not going to stand for low pay, disrespect, being overlooked and generally treated as shit in 2022 and beyond.  Do what you know needs to be done to advance the careers of your women and your legacy will shine bright and be more fulfilling than your bank account or title ever can be.