Surgeons of Hope

June 9th, 2023

Thank you to FIERCE member Crystelle Desnoyer for her tireless efforts supporting Surgeons of Hope and for making us aware of this amazing organization that is changing the world by saving children’s lives. 

Crystelle recently completed a mission to Parguay where Surgeons of Hope performed thirty surgeries for children in-need. Read about her experience, in her own words here:

Crystelle is currently working to raise funds for this amazing organization for their next trip, this time to Costa Rica.  Here is a bit about Surgeons of Hope and how you can support their continued Superhero work.

“It’s Not What We Bring. It’s What We Leave Behind.”

  • Over 1 million children are born every year with a heart defect.
  • In developing countries, 90% of children with heart defects have no access to treatment.
  • If left untreated, heart defects dramatically decrease a child’s quality of life, and can lead to death (children born with severe heart disease have a 12x higher risk of mortality in their first year of life).

Surgeons of Hope partners with children’s hospitals in Latin America (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Paraguay) to build locally sustainable pediatric cardiac programs. By providing knowledge, skills, training, and equipment to these programs, we are ensuring that poor children have access to the lifesaving heart treatments they need.

Please consider donating to ensure they can continue doing this amazing work. Donations are tax-deductible.