Women, Life, Freedom

October 2nd, 2022

She was 22 years old.  They accused her of having a lock of hair visible from underneath her hijab.  They killed her.  The state and their morality police killed her.  Jina (Masha) Amini was brutally beaten and murdered on September 16, 2022.

Since this horrible event, which is just one (heinous) of the many horrible events that befall women every day in Iran, the country has seen a powerful uprising from its citizens, mainly its women.  FIERCE stands with the courageous women of Iran today and everyday as they risk everything for themselves and their future daughters, nieces, sisters, friends.

In Iran:

  • 36% of murders between 2013-2017 were men killing their female relatives, known as an “honor killing,”
  • Rape by one’s husband is not illegal, and
  • Forced veiling/hijabs have been the law of the land for forty years.

Women have long been courageous in Iran.  In just one semi-recent example in 2017, Vida Movahed staged a silent protest on Revolution St in Tehran by taking off her veil and making it into a flag that she waved from the top of utility box.  Her action sparked a wave of copycats across social media by the young women who she inspired with her bravery. The women and especially the young women of Iran are an inspiration. 

As I type this from Austin, TX I can’t help but also point out, abortion is legal up to twenty-four weeks in Iran regardless of circumstance.  Abortion is completely illegal in Texas even if a mother’s life is at risk.  It begs the question, what will the state do next?  Will we be forced to wear a headscarf?  Will there be morality police in Texas? 

Women, life, freedom is a powerful global rallying cry. 

Courage is the fuel for the future and the future is female.  Let us think of Iran and the bravery the women are displaying when faced with fear in our lives.

Jina’s family inscribed the following on her grave: 

“Dear Jina, you won’t die.  Your name will become a symbol.”

Interested in helping the women of Iran: please check out NCR Iran and United4Iran